2011: the year when I got REALLY into doing podcasts…

  1. Steve Fuller on the Future of the University
  2. Stephen Turner on Normativity
  3. Simon Williams on the Sociology of Sleep
  4. Dave Elder-Vass on the Causal Power of Social Structures
  5. Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley on the prospects for UK Education
  6. Catherine Coveney on Cognitive Enhancement and Modafinil
  7. Social Theory and the Politics of Austerity
  8. Public Universities and Public Futures
  9. an introduction to asexuality
  10. Interview with Danny Birchall from the Wellcome Collection
  11. Hilary Pilkington on Researching Drug Cultures
  12. Campaigning for the Public University
  13. Making a Case for Social Science
  14. Making New Spaces for Learning in the University
  15. Steve Fuller on the Impact Agenda
  16. Engaging with the media as a PhD student
  17. The Impact Agenda in the Arts and Humanities
  18. Is a Post-Neoliberal politics possible?
  19. “You can’t be too vain to gain if you want to swim the Channel” – Karen Throsby at the SI Seminar
  20. The Political Economy of Football – Wyn Grant
  21. Sam Farooq on Religious Masculinities in Sport
  22. Deborah Butler at the SI Seminar
  23. How do our brothers and sisters shape who we are?
  24. The University Project
  25. Emma Rees interviewed about Can’t…
  26. Violence, Inequality and UK Riots
  27. Andrew Hinderliter – WHAT SORT OF THING IS ASEXUALITY?
  29. MSc Science, Media and Public Policy

And a load that I didn’t manage to finish editing in time to include on this list: 

  1. Bob Carter and Nickie Charles on the Sociology of Animals
  2. Nick Crossley on Relational Sociology
  3. Andrew Sayer on why we can’t afford the rich 
  4. Andrew Sayer on why things matter to people
  5. Another few talks from the BSA riots event (and the videos)
  6. Some BSA PG Forum podcasts I was supposed to edit & post for other people
  7. Some BSA Theory Study Group podcasts I was supposed to edit & post for other people
  8. The podcast with the awesome Mike Jay which I seem to have lost but MUST be around somewhere
  9. The remaining podcasts from the Spotlight on Asexuality Studies event in October
  10. The podcast from my talk at Critical Sexology in September

(the above is a to do list for myself more than anything else, as is the list below)

Podcasts either confirmed or discussed for next year:

  1. Derek Layder on Realism and Social Theory
  2. Derek Layder on Psychobiography
  3. Gurminder K. Bhambra and Dan Orrells on Africa Athena 
  4. Eric Jensen on Public Engagement
  5. Nathan Jurgenson on Digital Dualism
  6. Jonathan Rowson on the Social Brain Project
  7. Recording a selection of my old asexuality presentations as podcasts
  8. Recording my 2011 Oslo Psychobiography presentation as a podcast
  9. Recording my BSA 2012 C Wright Mills presentation as a podcast
  10. Recording the BSA 2012 C Wright Mills panel as podcast
  11. Recording the BSA 2012 Theory Plenary as podcast (once I double check with speakers)
  12. Recording my BSA 2012 biographical research presentation as a podcast
  13. Revising my (slightly crap) presentation from Virtual Futures and recording as podcast
  14. Doing an Asexuality Studies podcast to tie in with launch of the book
  15. Recording my July Social Media and Protest presentation as a podcast
  16. Recording my Feb 2011 UK riots & Occupy presentation in Korea as podcast
  17. Recording The University In The Sky and the University Between The Cracks from the Bauman thing in September as podcast
  18. Podcast with Meg Barker about her book on Relationships in July
  19. Podcast with Mark Fisher about capitalist realism at some point in 2012
  20. Podcast with LSE Impact team about the project / wider issues in early 2012

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