Informed Commentary from Daily Telegraph Readers on Last Night’s Riot

In response to this article which castigates ‘the left’ for political opportunism and point scoring without any evidence before swiftly going on to argue that the riot proves the need for traditional Tory hang ’em and flog ’em policies (without providing any evidence for this) with  a claim that Tory cuts don’t go far enough thrown in for good measure. But what really caught my attention were some of the lovely sentiments being expressed by Telegrapher readers:

  1. You see these chippy small-time blacks every day in inner London – with their swagger, their hoodies, their ridiculous urban patois and their permanent scowl. They should all be put in work camps for re-education.
  2. Next time an armed white criminal is gunned down, let’s all go out armed with petrol bombs and loot Currys. See if  we can get away with it too.
  3. Black youths,black community leaders,black MP welcome to black London.Just another reminder of black labours immigration policies.
  4. It could have been Brixton or Toxteth, or Miami, or Detroit, or Chicago, or Los Angeles, or Johannesburg, or anywhere where Labour’s favourite community rules the roost.
  5. What winds me up is all the talk of “community”. What sort of “community” gets enraged when a policeman shoots an armed criminal who had already fired on police? Maybe we should be looking at least as closely at this community as we are at the police?
  6. Unsurprising the only shop to avoid any of last nights carnage was the KFC.
  7. What you are seeing, and what nobody is prepared to say in public, is that “diversity” and “pc” PCs has created no-go areas in London. Unless and until the Police cease to be the paramilitary wing of the thought crime ministray, and can nick people without worrying about being accused of racism, then this is only the beginning.
  8. Why not cut welfare provision – the group the police spends most of it’s time fighting then being forced to pay for? Slash welfare. Starve the scum. Why keep wasters fed and watered and in homes?
  9. These people are rioting because they can. At the first sign of violence the police should have been allowed to use fugging assault weapons. A reminder of law and order would be a good start but as the left don’t live anywhere near these places they simply don’t understand the terror other people live through.
  10. We need a new Riot Act – basically, martial law.  “All looters will be shot on sight”.  See how long the riots last then.
  11. The rioters are fortunate that, at present we do not have the sort of totalitarian government and police regimes other countries do have.  The body count during an incident, series of incidents like last night’s would have been spectacular.  Behaviour like this may lead to adaptations to the terrorism laws to deal with riots.
  12. Most people prefer the company of others of their own race. Forced integration therefore causes tension and resentment. Race is an important element in individual and group identity, which means it is impossible to build a society in which race does not matter. People of different races build different societies. Blacks—wherever they are found in large numbers—establish communities with certain characteristics, and whites and others do the same.
  13. The Tories have to accept that they are partly to blame. The fact that these colonists exist in our capital city cannot be solely blamed on the Left. The Tories have stood by while the violent 3rd World colonies have spread and grown.
  14. It’s the way of the left. The right loses a general election and spends 5 years trying to figure out how to win the next one. The left loses a general election and takes to the streets in displays of violence whilst blaming the right for the violence

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