The Accelerated Academy

The first Accelerated Academy was organised by myself and Filip Vostal in December 2015. You can hear podcasts of the event on The Sociological Review’s website. There’s also a special section of the LSE Impact Blog which will soon be published. A talk I gave at the Time Without Time symposium was published as an essay on the LSE Impact Blog and later translated for publication in a major Czech broadsheet. I’ve also co-written a paper on academic acceleration with Filip Vostal which is currently under review. A keynote I have at the SRHE Digital University event can be heard online here.

Filip and I are in the early stages of planning a short polemical book together on the Accelerated Academy. There’s also a second and third conference in the works: the former organised by the team from Leiden and the latter by myself and Milena Kremakova.

See here for links to outputs from the first year of the project.