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The fragmentation of the humanities

I can’t help but relate this proliferation (in my view fragmentation) within the humanities to the discursive phenomena of turns. Much as we turn when we’re unsure where we’re going, I’m intuitively sceptical that what Rosi Braidotti describes on pg 100-102 of PostHuman Knowledge is a sign of the humanities being […]

Turn! Turn! Turn!

I blogged yesterday about the irritating preponderance of ‘turn’ rhetoric in the humanities and social sciences. I compiled the list of 44 by starting with ‘turns’ that were familiar to me. I then used a google wild card search (“the X turn” + humanities social sciences) to extend the list. I googled […]

Can we have a ‘turn’ to end all turns?

In the early 20th century there began a marked reorientation within analytic philosophy, with a concern for language gradually coming to supplant some of philosophy’s more traditional concerns. In fact, it’s not entirely meaningful to describe this as a trend within ‘analytic philosophy’ because this ‘linguistic turn’ was integral to the field […]

Workshop: “Feminist ‘turns’ and the political economy of knowledge production”, Univ. Warwick, 28 Feb. 2014, 2-4pm

Workshop ORIENTATING FEMINISM(S): FEMINIST ‘TURNS’ AND THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTION The Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, University of Warwick Friday 28th February 28th, 2014, 2.00pm  – 4.00pm Social Sciences Building, Room A0.23 Speakers: ·         Prof. Clare Hemmings (LSE) ·         Dr. Carolyn Pedwell (Newcastle) ·         Dr. Rebecca Coleman (Goldsmiths) ·         Prof. Valerie Hey (Sussex) ·         Prof. […]