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On Techno-Fascism

I’m really enjoying Humans Need Not Apply by Jerry Kaplan. Much more so than I expected to in fact. He offers a thoughtful and incisive insider’s critique, in the style of a less verbose Jaron Lanier, concerning the likely trajectory of contemporary digital capitalism. On pg 105 he writes about the […]

What will the Millennial Fascist look like?

I love this post by David Banks on Cyborgology: the future Millennial fascist will need to employ a highly adaptive messaging system enabled by what Zeynep Tufekci has called “computational politics”. Computational politics allows political leaders to portray themselves very differently depending on whom they are talking to. By using finelytuned algorithms fed […]

the slippery slope towards techno-fascism

There’s a great section in this paper by Frank Pasquale, The Algorithmic Self, which relates to my developing and deliberately provocative account of techno-fascism: Stray too far from the binary of Democratic and Republican politics, and you risk being put on a watchlist. Protest shopping on Black Friday, and some […]

the affective basis of techno-fascism?

From InfoGlut, by Mark Andrejevic, loc 2580: As Zizek puts it, the paradox of the decline of symbolic efficiency results in a version of what he calls a resurgent fundamentalism: “what is foreclosed in the symbolic (belief) returns in the Real (of a direct knowledge). A fundamentalist does not believe, […]

Is this how the Circle got started….?

The ApplePay system aims to kickstart the so far slow-moving market for mobile payments, which banks and credit card companies have struggled to get people to adopt, but could also give Apple growing power in the payments industry. “ApplePay will forever change the way all of us buy things,” said […]