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Integral to Harmut Rosa’s Social Acceleration (all references are to this book) is an understanding of cultural responses to acceleration and the role they play in intensifying the acceleration of the pace of life. This is not simply a matter of the valorisation of speed; in fact being satisfied with the identification of such a sentiment would be to restrict […]

My friend Marta just posted an analysis of Spring Breakers which we saw together a few months ago. I wanted to write something about this but found myself struggling to articulate anything despite being captivated by the film. I really like this section of the article in particular: “Look at all my shit. I’ve got […]

I contemplated writing a review of this film when I saw it a few months ago but wasn’t confident I could do it justice. So I was fascinated by this unusual interview with Harmony Korine about the film: Though the interview has made me want to go back and see the film again: