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I wish I’d read Zizek’s Trouble in Paradise before writing my fragile movement’s paper, because this is exactly what I was trying to explore: how does this ‘imaginary unity at its most sublime’ inform popular perceptions of the mobilising potential of social media? From pg 97: The ongoing events in Egypt provide yet another example […]

As I too often find myself doing in these situations, I’ve been browsing hashtags and newspaper comments about the tube strike. The most obvious recurring theme concerns the putative comfort of the striking tube workers: how do they justify striking when they’re already so well off? In actuality, salaries of tube workers range between £24,000 […]

There’s a great article on the THE, in which Caroline Magennis reflects on the success of the conversation she started recently about being an academic from a less privileged background: What are the challenges of being an academic from a less privileged background? Questions of ‘fitting in’ but also practical issues? — Caroline Magennis (@DrMagennis) July 19, […]

4th International Conference Cultural Difference and Social Solidarity Network Differences, Solidarities and Digital Technologies Hosted by Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus Tuesday, 1 July through Friday, 4 July, 2014 The 4th International Conference of the Cultural Difference and Social Solidarity Network aims to examine the influence of the spread and growth of digital […]