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the riddle of society 

From pg 165 of Margaret Archer’s Realist Social Theory: What is it that depends on human intentionality but never conforms to anyone’s intentions?  What is it that relies upon people’s concepts but which they never fully know?  What is it that depends upon human activity but never corresponds to the […]

What constitutes a civilisational collapse?

What constitutes collapse? This is the important question which Phil BC asks in response to my post on the sociology of civilisational collapse. If I mean the notion as anything other than a fleeting speculative thought* then conceptual clarification is essential. I said in the original post that I understand collapse to […]

Being Human: Natural, practical and social affectivity

In a previous post I introduced Archer’s idea of emotions as commentaries on human concerns. Her account construes emotions as relational and situated, clustering around specific human contexts: the natural order (body/environment relations), the practical order (subject/object relations) and the social order (subject/subject relations). In this post I’ll expand on the particular […]