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In preparation for next week’s Accelerated Academy, I found myself reading the Slow Scholarship Manifesto for the first time in a few years, as well as Heather Mendick’s brilliant critique of it. Taking explicit inspiration from the slow food movement, it calls for ‘slow scholarship’ as a response to ‘hasty scholarship’: Slow scholarship, is thoughtful, […]

In his Pascalian Meditations, Bourdieu is concerned with “the free time, freed from the urgencies of the world, that allows a free and liberated relation to those urgencies and to the world”. There are presuppositions to enjoying this condition which shape the dispositions of the scholar, necessitating reflexivity for epistemic and ethical reasons if there […]

A letter Filip Vostal and I have written to University Affairs in response to this interview: We read your recent interview with the authors of the recent book Slow Professor with interest. While we welcome the continued expansion of critical debate concerning academic labour, we nonetheless found much to be concerned with in the interview. […]

A work in progress. Feel free to make suggestions! The SLOW University – Work, Time and Well-Being by Maggie O’Neill Should academics adopt an ethic of slowness or ninja-like productivity? In search of scholarly time by Filip Vostal Life in the Accelerated Academy by Mark Carrigan Surviving Life in the Accelerated Academy: Problems and Prospects for […]