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Critical Sexology Seminar Feminist Encounters with Evolutionary Psychology  Guest-Organized by Rachel O’Neill, King’s College London.    ​Friday 30 January 2015, 2-6pm Room G.80, Franklin-Wilkins Building King’s College London (Waterloo Campus) ​ Prof. Deborah Cameron, University of Oxford: “Evolution, language and the battle of the sexes: A feminist linguist encounters evolutionary psychology” Dr. Celia Roberts, Lancaster University: “Evolution, early puberty and the half-lives of […]

http://www.criticalsexology.org.uk 30 May 2014 | Sex Critical Approaches to Pornography A guest-organized session convened by Prof. Feona Attwood & Dr Helen Hester, Middlesex University. Venue: The Boardroom, 2nd Floor, College Building, Hendon Campus, Middlesex University (Map here: http://www.mdx.ac.uk/Assets/Hendon_Campus_Pocketmap.pdf) From 2pm. (The seminar will take the form of four 10-minute-long discussion papers followed by responses and debate. This session […]

Characteristically, the scientist confronts a complex interaction system – in this case, an interaction between man and opium. He observes a change in the system – the man falls asleep. The scientist then explains the change by giving a name to a fictitious ’cause’, located in one or other component of the interacting system. Either […]