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The ontology of toxicity

My notes on Liboiron, M., Tironi, M., & Calvillo, N. (2018). Toxic politics: Acting in a permanently polluted world. Social studies of science, 48(3), 331-349. The authors of this paper take “a permanently polluted world” as their starting point. It is one where toxicity is ubiquitous, even if unevenly distributed. Unfortunately, “[t]he […]

The Return of the Riot

From Joshua Clover’s Riot. Strike. Riot pg 2. He argues that the return of the riot reverses a long term trend observed by Charles Tilley, in which the riot had given way to the strike as the foremost tactic in socially available repertoires of contention: As the overdeveloped nations have […]

large environmental protest in paris banned

From the Guardian. A foretaste of more to come? The French government has cancelled marches planned for international climate talks in Paris at the end of the month, citing security concerns. All demonstrations organised in closed spaces or in places where security can easily be ensured could go ahead, foreign minister Laurent […]