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  • Too much Zoom in the post-pandemic university

    After the longest holiday I’ve had for years, I’ve started to feel seriously depressed about the quantity of Zoom meetings in my calendar over the coming weeks. I’m currently at an intensive workshop with long term collaborators where we’ve spent all day/evening talking to each other. It’s enjoyable to immerse yourself in interaction with others […]

  • Disrupting the post-pandemic university: an audio experiment

    By Milan Stürmer and Mark Carrigan It has been widely observed that the pandemic led to an enforced digitalisation in higher education. Familiar modes of interaction like meetings, seminars and conferences came to feel strange to most as mediation through video conferencing platforms like Zoom became the norm. Reflection on this phenomenon tends to imply […]

  • Podcasting in higher education

    Podcasts have come to feel ubiquitous following the pandemic, with periods of confinement to the home for significant swathes of the population creating a hunger for engaging digital content. Their popularity had been growing for years before this, with many crediting the Serial true crime podcast in 2014 for helping the medium break into the […]

  • Some thoughts on technology in the post-pandemic university

     One of the curious spectacles of the pandemic (which at least anecdotally it seems many have observed) is the figure of the gifted speaker who we have seen hold an audience in rapt attention struggle to engage or connect through digital media. The obvious parallel to this is the speaker who thrives through the mediation […]

  • Academic developers as choreographers of professional reflexivity

    Many of the discussions I’ve read about the ‘online pivot’ tend to centre the perspective of academics who were forced to adapt their existing materials at short notice for online delivery. In this interesting paper Stanton and Young describe what this shift meant for academic developers (pg 1) working within Centres for Teaching and Learning […]

  • Long Covid in the post-pandemic university

    Over the last ten days I’ve been slowly recovering from my first encounter with Covid. I’ve started writing this post on the tenth day since my symptoms emerged, though it’s only been five days since my first positive test. Apart from 24 hours when I was worried by increasingly bronchial coughing, it’s been a relatively […]

  • Higher education and the individualization of COVID-19

    Higher education and the individualization of COVID-19

    What’s going to happen in UK universities in September? This piece from Jim Dickinson seems plausible about the possible intersection between ‘learning to live with the virus’ (in other words the individualization of the problem once the vaccine programme is mostly or entirely complete) and the ‘migration event’ which takes place at the start of each academic year.