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  • The pre-crime assemblage: building the machine that eats bad people

    My notes on Mantello, P. (2016). The machine that ate bad people: The ontopolitics of the precrime assemblage. Big Data & Society. https://doi.org/10.1177/2053951716682538 Since 9/11 the politics of prediction and risk have created an alliance between security agencies, technology firms and other commercial actors which seeks to create a precrime assemblage: the first generation sought to […]

  • what would techno-fascist public space be like?

    I imagine it would be an only slightly more extreme version of what’s being sought for the garden bridge in London: Visitors to the garden bridge in London will be tracked by their mobile phone signals and supervised by staff with powers to take people’s names and addresses and confiscate and destroy banned items, including […]

  • using the national gallery for public order policing

    My friend Holly Falconer and I stumbled across this when walking through Trafalger Square on Thursday night: So sinister. #millionmasks @mark_carrigan pic.twitter.com/sKYq4kFkCX — Holly Falconer (@holly_falconer) November 5, 2015 I don’t recall ever seeing the Met do this before. Is it a new tactic?

  • Sociological questions about the coming era of data-driven privatised policing

    This insightful article paints a worrying picture of the growth of data-driven policing. The technical challenge of “building nuance” into data systems “is far harder than it seems” and has important practical implications for how interventions operate on the basis of digital data. What I hadn’t previously realised was how readily investigators are using social […]