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Last week Paul Mason posted a provocative Guardian essay suggesting that the end of capitalism has begun. It’s a precursor to his upcoming book¬†PostCapitalism: A Guide¬†To Our Future which is released in a few days time. I’m looking forward to the book, not least of all because it’s an optimistic counterpoint to the gloomy thought […]

Payments to the credit rating agencies – Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch – doubled in the five years of s subprime boom, totalling $6 billion by 2007. Unfortunately the efficiency of those agencies did not keep pace with their earnings. In July 2007, the US financial watchdog published a damning account of the ratings […]

The dominance of finance, derivatives and a debt-fuelled growth model is in reality only a little over ten years old. Likewise, the global imbalances really took off only in the wake of the 1997 crisis. There is, in other words, nothing permanent, nor even well entrenched about the current shape of the global economy – […]