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I understand the allure which MOOCs can have for those inspired by the idea. Why relegate people to second tier tuition at regional universities when the best teachers in the world could teach everyone remotely at little cost? There are many problems with this vision but one that’s little remarked upon is the question of […]

I’ve long had an ambivalent relationship to MOOCs. In principle, I don’t see anything wrong with the idea of distance learning of this sort and they are something that I’ve personally enjoyed in the past. This is far from a ringing endorsement, in fact MOOCs leave me lukewarm in many respects, but I think it’s important […]

We are launching a whole new course experience designed to make sure you succeed. Imagine taking a Udacity class and being able to: Work with coaches who are available to give you personalized feedback, to guide your learning, and even to help you with code review. Build amazing projects that integrate what you’ve learned, for fun and […]