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Neo-progressive cat accelerates strategically in order to realise universal possibilities of the Outside. pic.twitter.com/fq3opdXOZ5 — Mark Carrigan (@mark_carrigan) April 23, 2016 Neo-progressive cat identifies problems with consumption in broader structural context, rather than corporate agency pic.twitter.com/c02pd9KzVK — Mark Carrigan (@mark_carrigan) April 23, 2016 Neo-progressive cat wants to play games, particularly for communal dimension but fears […]

From To Save Everything, Click Here by Evgeny Morozov: Contrary to what most Internet cheerleaders think, virality is hardly ever self- generated and self- sustaining. Memes are born free, but everywhere they are in chains— those of PR agencies and freelancing solo artists. Both have perfectly adapted to this new digital world and found ways […]