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  • Harvey Specter: a study in late modern sociopathy

    Over the holidays I stumbled across Suits and found myself weirdly hooked by it. It tells the story of Mike Ross, a gifted stoner whose life has been going nowhere, bumbling into an interview for new associates at a prestigious law firm while trying to escape the police after a drug deal gone wrong. He […]

  • the ultimate Rocky training montage

  • the rituals of tech bros 

    From The Boy Kings, by Katherine Losse, pg 134: That Sunday, after I’d slept off our long night, I logged in to Facebook to see an endless stream of videos that the boys had filmed at the club. In them, the boys were not chatting up or kissing girls they had met, as I had […]

  • The sociology of Elliot Rodger

    I wrote an overly brief post recently about the Elliot Rodger case (in the process offending some guys who are nice, though not ‘nice guys’) – this article by Richard Seymour, prefixed with a trigger warning, deftly shows how there’s much more to this case than just one person’s contingent hatred and brutality: This is […]

  • The violent rage of the ‘nice guy’

    The gunman committed his killing spree just hours after posting a chilling video online in which he spelled out his murderous plans for “retribution” because of rebuffs by female students at college. Lamenting that he was still a virgin at 22, he declared, “I will kill every single blonde *** I see”, and blamed women […]

  • BSA Seminar ‘Masculinities, Adaptation and Difference’ – deadline extended

    BSA Gender Study Group and BSA Youth Study GroupMasculinities, Adaptation and DifferenceA joint, one day seminarhttp://bsamasculinities.wordpress.com/BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, LondonFriday 4 July 2014Call for PapersDeadline extended to 25.04.2014Since the late 1970s critical studies of men and masculinities have explored the ways in which men’s lives have been shaped by a variety of cultural, political and […]

  • CFP “International Conference on Men and Masculinities”, 11-13 September 2014, IZMIR TURKEY

    Please distribute widely 1st International Conference on Men and Masculinities: “Identities, Cultures, Societies” will be held on 11-13 September 2014 in Izmir Turkey. Initiative for Critical Studies of Masculinities (ICSM) invites proposals for the first international conference on men and masculinities to take place in Turkey, in collaboration with Stony Brook University Center for the Study of […]