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  • Irvine Welsh on angst, addiction and writing

    After spending the last couple of months rereading Irvine Welsh novels, as well as reading the few I’d never touched, it struck me that I’d never heard him talk. Nor did I know anything about him. I was unsurprised to find out he was born in Leith and had been addicted to heroin there for […]

  • The Personal Morphogenesis of Francis Begbie

    Which character from the Irvine Welsh novels has the most depth? While Francis Begbie might have counted as the most vivid, particularly as he was brought to life in Robert Carlyle’s unforgettable performance, I’d be surprised if anyone thought of him as the deepest. Yet that’s the impression one is left with after reading Irvine Welsh’s […]

  • Isn’t this civilised?

    How civilised, as the Islington middle classes mindlessly parrot. You give the cunts a glass of wine and switch the fire on, and they say: ‘This is civilised.’ They cut some fucking pieces of ciabatta with a knife, and they go: ‘Isn’t this civilised?’ And you want to go: no, you daft cunt, no it’s […]