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My notes on What image types do universities post online? Twitter has become a mainstream activity for universities in the UK and the US, with most institutions now having a presence. The platform has taken an image based turn over the last few years, since native photo sharing was introduced in 2011 and Twitpic et […]

Does social media lead to a devaluation of introspection? This is what Nick Couldry and Andreas Hepp claim on loc 4098 of their The Mediated Construction of Reality: The selfie stamps the marker of ‘the self’ onto whatever things a person wants to record as a way of increasing its value. But why should that […]

This is a really useful resource put together by Buffer. I’ve been running an Instagram account for the last few months for The Sociological Review. At first I found it much less intuitive than I have other social media platforms, but it’s starting to feel familiar at this point. Over the next few months, I’m planning […]

This seems like a really important initiative: Instagram – the new(isn) kid on the social media bloc For the AoIR 2016 we, Jakob Svensson (Uppsala University, Sweden) and Uta Russmann (FHWien University of Applied Sciences, Vienna, Austria), are putting together a panel proposal on Instagram and its relevance in today’s communication. We are looking for […]