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Attributed to Aaron Swartz, but the editor of his collected writings suggests this is a contentious issue. Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves. The world’s entire scientific and cultural heritage, published over centuries in books and journals, is increasingly being digitized and locked up by a handful […]

An interesting summary of Thomas Jefferson’s views on intellectual property, written by a 17 year old Aaron Swartz, printed in The Boy Who Could Change The World, loc 370-380: No one seriously disputes that property is a good idea, but it’s bizarre to suggest that ideas should be property. Nature clearly wants ideas to be […]

I’ve written in the past about my dislike for Evernote and near continuous search for an alternative to it. I won’t rehearse my issues with it here but the one that really matters is that I simply can’t stand the interface. I find it hard to pin down precisely what my problem with it is […]

I realised when looking back over old notes that someone asked me to write this for them and then never published it. So here’s a quick post about curation I wrote a couple of years ago:  For all that digital technology offers the academy, it also presents new problems. The instant availability of information from […]