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CALL FOR PAPERS Communities of Practice: Toward a Local and Global Digital Humanities This special collection will explore the potential impact of information technology and digital media on humanities research communities. The editors encourage a wide range of novel and interdisciplinary approaches to this theme. We seek submissions dedicated to describing community formation and collaboration […]

I just saw a reference to the Environmental Humanities. In recent years, I’ve begun to encounter the Medical Humanities and Digital Humanities with great frequency as part of my normal working life. I assume there are other X Humanities which I haven’t encountered yet. As someone fascinated by the tendency towards X Studies and the proliferation of Turns within the social sciences, I’d […]

While ideas of this kind appear just that little bit too neat and symmetrical to be entirely convincing, this so-called ‘scientific turn’ in the humanities has been attributed by some to a crisis of confidence. It is a crisis regarded as having been brought about, if not by the lack of credibility of the humanities’ […]

Daniel Allington, The Open University http://www.danielallington.net 1 October 2013 Centre for e-Research Anatomy Museum Space King’s Building (6th Floor) King’s College London The Strand London According to Bourdieu, the value of art, literature, etc is a form of belief that is produced within the cultural field and then propagated outwards into wider society through public-facing […]