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  • The highly evolved, politicised, social industry-based apparatus of personal destruction

    This is a disturbing and insightful piece from Richard Seymour. Highly recommend you subscribe to his Patreon if you haven’t already. He closes with the warning that it’s only “matter of historical contingency, lets say of the vagaries of uneven and combined development, that we do not yet have such a highly evolved, politicised, social […]

  • cyber war between non-state actors 

    From Islamic State: The Digital Caliphate, pg 16: To date, the most effective cyber- retaliation on Islamic State for the murderous January 2015 Paris attacks (on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket) has come from an unlikely source – the veteran anarchist hacking collective Anonymous. Anonymous declared war on IS in January 2015 […]