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This was an exciting day for Digital Sociology, as an esteemed group of speakers gathered in the august surroundings of the Churchill Room in the Treasury to discuss sociology’s contribution to understanding and defining our digital future. As BSA President Susan Halford explained in her introduction, the event is intended to pool the expertise of […]

Around a year and a half ago, I got very upset with the British Sociological Association when I couldn’t afford to attend a conference for which I’d given a great deal of free labour. I was a month away from handing in my then still very much unfinished PhD thesis, I’d started two new jobs (one […]

BSA Theory Study Group: Early Career Theorists’ Symposium 2nd April, 2013, London Call for Abstracts The Early Career Theorists’ Symposium is a special one-day symposium for up-and-coming theorists, organized by the Theory Study Group of the British Sociological Association. This symposium aims to bring together sociologists at a relatively early stage in their careers who work […]

Michael Burawoy is president of the International Sociological Association and John Holmwood was recently elected president of the British Sociological Association from June 2012 onwards. In this dialogue recorded at the BSA conference in April 2012, they explore the challenges faced by public sociology in an age of austerity. Part 1: Neoliberalism Part 2: Higher Education Part 3: Future of […]

In a recent article Aditya Chakrabortty argued that economics has failed us but sociology has been unable to offer any alternatives. In this podcast I talk to Melanie Simms of Warwick Business School, who signed this group letter to the Guardian, about work sociology and its relevance to the big questions which Chakrabortty accuses the discipline of having no answers […]

Public Perceptions of the Social Sciences in a Contemporary Era of Unrest BSA Postgraduate Day Conference 16th April 2012 Department of Sociology, University of York Keynote Speakers Professor John Holmwood, University of Nottingham & President Elect of the British Sociological Association Professor Les Back, Goldsmiths College Professor Mike Savage, University of York Professor Roger Burrows, Goldsmiths College […]

An absolutely superb letter in the Guardian from the British Sociological Association about the contribution sociology can make to understanding the UK Riots: One of the first things that disappears when considering disturbances such as these is perspective. One loses sight of the fact that nine out of 10 local residents aren’t rioting, that nine out of 10 […]