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Sociology and anarchism

What a fascinating resource this is: Sociologists’ Knowledge of Anarchism Project. Thanks to Martyn Everett for passing it on. To explore sociologists’ knowledge about an alternate theoretical paradigm also concerned with society: anarchism. Sociologists tend to have an extremely variable familiarity with anarchist ideas—some who know a lot and others […]

CfP: Anarchist Technologies Repair Manual

This looks like a fascinating call for papers: Anarchist Technologies Repair Manual fixing the world through resistance and repair CFP: Call for Papers for an Edited Book Anarchism is experiencing a renaissance in locations all across the world. Facilitated by information technologies, new anarchist communities are forming and more established […]

Zizek on the impossibility of anarchism 

My commitment to anarchism is something which ended with sociology, more specifically when I realised that I understood anarchism to entail the overcoming of social structure. Seeing that as a conceptual impossibility, I came to see anarchism as untenable. But I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently, not least of […]

Noam Chomsky on “What is Anarchism?”

Four thoughts: I love “what is X” questions. “Widening the bars of the cage” is the most succinct way I can articulate my orientation to political questions. Claiming Dewey as a proto-anarchist would be a wonderful intellectual move It would also be a terrific rejoinder to the self-indulgent liberalism of Richard Rorty