Where will all the anger go after the pandemic?

This piece asks a very important question about how the emotional impact of the pandemic will play out politically:

The main question occupying my mind is: __Where does all that rage go?__Eventually, the pandemic will subside. Health care workers will have a slight reprieve from this hell. But the immense grief and PTSD will stick around. I imagine the anger and resentment will, too. What happens then? I have little doubt that most health care workers will continue to serve all patients admirably but, still, the memories of the physical and verbal assaults will linger. And what of the Covid deniers’ rage? The true Covid denier/anti-vaxx zealots are a vocal, slim minority of Americans, but it’s still chilling to think of the pandemic as the moment where a meaningful fraction of politically-motivated Americans split from the medical establishment completely. What happens to the rest of us? What about the parents who are furious with their neighbors for jeopardizing their children by opposing and rolling back mask mandates? Where does their rage go? What about the immunocompromised Americans and their family members who have been driven back into their home or made sick due to reckless anti-vaxxers?

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