The Collective on Education, Decoloniality and Emergencies is looking for a paid conference coordinator

Primary Role

The Conference Coordinator will support CEDE! before, during and after our 2021 conference “Shifting power in aid: knowledges, violence, and justice”. 


The Collective on Education, Decoloniality and Emergencies (CEDE!) is comprised of individuals and organisations seeking just practices for trans/national aid to learners, educators and education systems experiencing crisis. We are led by a shared set of objectives and values rooted in the teachings of decolonial thought and struggle.

CEDE! is seeking a Conference Coordinator that is eager to infuse creative and effective practices into an international justice and solidarity driven project, our first conference: “Shifting power in aid: knowledges, violence, and justice”. This position will be an integral part of our small and dynamic team. 

The coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the collective’s administrative and communications tasks. In this role, they will be responsible for sharing CEDE!’s ideas, as well as relevant information about the conference, with a wide-range of partners, collaborators, and contributors: teachers, learners, and community members; scholars and academics; international and non-profit organizations; and donors. They will also be responsible for managing the logistical aspects of the collective’s meetings, webinars, activities and events. 

The position will be remote. Currently, our team operates in GMT +1. 

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop a communications strategy for the collective and conference. 
  • Effectively transform and synthesize complex academic and political ideas into clear messaging. 
  • Update social media (Twitter, Facebook), in the working languages of the Collective, to ensure that we reach key partners with current and correct information about the conference.
  • Work with the CEDE! team to develop flyers and any other visual promotions material needed for the conference.
  • Work with CEDE! team to fulfill any website, webinar, and zoom needs for the event.
  • Ensure that participants of the conference receive information about the logistics of their virtual presentations (time, Zoom ID, technical needs). 
  • Attend and document the collective’s regular internal meetings 

Desired Qualifications

  • Knowledge and experience of the field of Education in Emergencies, Humanitarian Aid, and/or Decolonization. 
  • Clear communicator in at least two working languages of the Collective, though more preferred (English, Arabic, Spanish, and French)
  • Skilled in social media and communications platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp). Working knowledge in basic design (Canva, WordPress). 

Who will best benefit from this position

  • Someone who is passionate about education, justice, and decolonial thought. 
  • Someone who is interested in communicating complex ideas to diverse audiences. 


  • Remote


  • This is a part time position 5 hr/week, $20 USD/hr. Three months, beginning immediately. 

CEDE! is committed to providing a supportive, radically inclusive environment of mutual respect and learning. We encourage applications from people impacted by the humanitarian aid international complex, as well as women, people of color, persons with disabilities, gender-queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals.
To apply, please send a resume and brief letter of interest (less than 500 words) to as soon as possible.

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