So no more talk about the backfires, this time we fire back

So no more talk about the backfires
This time we fire back
Light a match and light the past up before it catches up
We’ll raise a mast and cast off
Yeah, we’ll break some legs we’ll mend em and then we’ll take the casts off
Now, we’ve had our losses
We’ve had our victories
We’ve sat across from every victim of their misery
That pounding in our chests was just a symptom of our sympathy
And we lay ourselves to rest with both our winnings and our injuries
We’re so hungry
We’re so thirsty
I’m gonna hunt until it hurts me (and it hurts me)
And it’s aching (it’s aching)
We’re so thirsty
But, we’re gonna make a little money and we’ll
We’ll buy a little mercy

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