A Song of Goodbye, by Ian McMillan

Farewell, Hand on Bollocks,
Farewell, Basil Brush,
Farewell, Seaside Drunk and Sea Cow
You’re silent and weeping under history’s crush
Your name's your memorial now
See you, German Helmet,
So long, Tanked Up Ted,
Goodbye, Sausage Stuffer and God
Your names resonate through the roads of my head

The names of the daft and the odd
And the funny and friendly.
The helpful and kind
The sarky and smelly
The fat and half blind
The one’s who you’d laugh with
The one’s you’d laugh at
The one’s you’d go miles to avoid
The one’s you’d buy drinks for
The one’s who’d drink pop
The ones who’d just get you annoyed

Just the names shouting up from the void
So goodbye Milk Bottle, Pol Pot and Cod Eyes
Goodbye Dog On Head and Duck Feet
Hang on to the memories that will never die
Of comradeship forged in the heat 

- Ian McMillan

One response to “A Song of Goodbye, by Ian McMillan”

  1. Well, Hello!
    Why say goodbye?
    Before we meet
    Say hello to rain and sleet
    Or those warm sunny days
    Slugs under my feet
    Need to say hello
    A greeting from near
    Right up close
    A shake of hand a respectful gesture
    Not saying goodbye
    Being put out to pasture
    Well Hello
    Hello to life
    Hello to health
    Hello dear friend
    Hello stranger
    Hello to snail, slug and puppy dog’s tail
    Hello new friend
    Well hello let start anew
    That last goodbye was a pandemic ago
    Time for a new hello
    Hello equals new start
    Time for light not dark.

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