Do you have an idea for a book about public sociology?

This is a new monograph series on public sociology which will include work that addresses public and community engagement and the relationship between sociologists and their publics. This series will address not only what sociologists do, but what sociology is for and focus on the commitment to enhance understanding of the social condition so that the lives of people are materially improved. It will showcase the wide diversity of sociological research that addresses the many global challenges that threaten the future of humankind in the 21st century. The relevance of sociology to what C. Wright Mills preferred to call the human condition, will be highlighted in works that address these challenges as they feature in global social changes but also as they are mediated in local and regional communities and settings. The Series will thus feature titles that work at a global level of abstraction as well as studies that are micro ethnographic depictions of global processes as they affect local communities.

The discourse of public sociology has spread outside the discipline of sociology, as other subjects take up its challenge and re-orientate themselves, such as public anthropology, public political science and public international relations. In being the first of its kind, this Book Series will showcase how the discipline of sociology has utilized the language and ideas of public sociology to change what it does and what it is for.

The purpose of this Series is to draw together some of the best sociological research that carries the imprimatur of ‘public sociology’, done inside the academy by senior figures and early career researchers, as well as outside it by practitioners, policy analysts and independent researchers seeking to apply sociological research in real-world settings.

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