From the Margins to the Centre: Defining New Mission and Vision for HCI Researchers in South Asia

We aim to build ”HCI4SouthAsia”, a strong community of HCI researchers and practitioners who work/will work in the South Asian region (i.e., in and around the countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka). As a first step, we are organizing a half-day virtual workshop over the Zoom platform at CHI 2021, titled: “From the Margins to the Centre: Defining New Mission and Vision for HCI Researchers in South Asia”.

The primary objective of the workshop is to provide an international platform — to showcase to the ”center” — the research including and beyond development, challenges, experiential information, and field stories, from (marginal) communities across the South Asian Region, and help to collectively build a vision for the community. We invite participants to join our online workshop.

The half-day workshop will include three activity-based design sessions encompassing reflection on the past, building a vision, and proposing pathways for realizing the vision. 

How to Participate?
We invite participants from across the Globe interested in working with and for the South Asian context. Through your participation, we hope to create a collaborative community where we exchange ideas, experiences, and learn from each other. 

Interested participants are invited to fill a survey <> to share details about their research, methods, preliminary or prominent results from their work, and their aspirations from the workshop. Participants will be accepted based on how their responses align with the workshop theme. (It might be good to fill the form immediately as it takes only 15-20 minutes.)

Registering for CHI 2021 is a prerequisite for participating in the HCI4SouthAsia workshop (W39)! To register for the CHI 2021conference, click rates have been reduced for the participants from economically developing countries.)

  • When registering, use the id, i.e., W39 to search the workshop from the list of accepted workshops and enter AccessW39 in the code box.

More details about the workshop can be found at and

Participation Cost: 
Our workshop will be held online. The registration cost for the workshop is USD 30.00 + CHI registration for one participant.

Warm Regards
HCI4SouthAsia Team

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