New Book: The Public and their Platforms

I’m so excited the book I’ve been working on with Lambros Fatsis over the last few years is coming out in June. It’s the result of a long conversation we’ve had about our mutual frustrations concerning ‘public sociology’ which led us to rethink what it means to be public scholars once digital platforms are ubiquitous and the public sphere has been decimated by COVID-19.

Chapter 1. Defining ‘the Public’

Chapter 2. The History of Platforms

Chapter 3. Between Publics and Platforms

Chapter 4. Sociology and its Platforms

Chapter 5. The Past, Present, and Future of Public Sociology

Chapter 6. Making Sociology Public

Chapter 7. Making Platforms Public

Chapter 8. Assembling Public Sociology

It’s available with a 50% discount if you use code BSA2021 at between April 13th-15th when we’ll be launching it at the BSA conference.

Here are the reviews which have been released so far:

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