The tremendously efficient writing of Slavoj Žižek

While I’m on the subject of Slavoj Žižek, I thought it was worth recording how sections of his Pandemic! 2 reproduce his Hegel in a Wired Brain (oddly combining acknowledgments he is ‘drawing’ on that book while straight forwardly copying & pasting at least one paragraph). But most of the book is seemingly reproducing posts he has written for Russia Today and for the Philosophical Salon.

I’m not interested enough to try and quantify this but I found the latter in particular interesting. Thanks to Jana Bacevic for sharing this critique by Linsey McGoey of Žižek’s piece on ignorance and Covid-19 (later reproduced in the aforementioned book). The magazine have fixed a somewhat defensive response by Žižek on the end of McGoey’s post which leads him to introduce the five key points he claims were in the original text. This summary then finds its way into the reproduced text of Pandemic! 2.

I salute you Slavoj Žižek for your tremendous efficiency in ensuring everything you write finds more than one home.

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