Are you reading this blog?

I turned off comments almost a year ago when I deleted my Twitter account, in pursuit of a less overwhelming digital existence. However I realised recently this has obliterated the sense I had of people actually reading this blog, as opposed to stumbling across it via the google footprint which has accrued over ten years of regular blogging. Therefore I’ve turned comments back on and look forward to talking to people more than I have in a while 😊

7 responses to “Are you reading this blog?”

  1. Yes, reading with interest and often following up on the thoughtful introductions to new ideas and new books. Your blog is a calm and measured – and importantly a sociological – contribution to the public sphere – and an excellent counterpoint to the shrill debate from entrenched positions encountered on big tech social media.

  2. Hello Mark

    I am reading your posts from time to time. I have a big folder in my email where I store them up to read later…but I’m still waiting for later. I was particularly inspired by your comments on Ben Anderson’s article about the future (September 5). It’s something I will be drawing on during my research project with British migrants living in Poland.

  3. Thanks everyone, these were really lovely to read 🙂 I think I’m going to start putting a bit more effort into this blog again, after a couple of years of treating it like a glorified Evernote. What prompted this reflection was in part realising it was 10 years old which feels like quite a substantial milestone to have been regularly recording thoughts and ideas. Very pleased there are people who seem to find this useful.

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