Theoretical interventions as events

Scott Lash interviewed by Nicholas Gane in the Future of Social Theory pg 105. I found this thought provoking in terms of its linking of the transcendent with the book form (the slow, careful, considered attempt to get outside of the issue) and the imminent with more feral forms of intervention outside the established repertoires of scholarship:

The intervention of theory itself could well be more event-like. Hence, what I like to do often is to work with teams of designers and architects on a project, or to make a critical textual intervention in an exhibition, or something like that. For like information, events are short-lasting. Transcendental critique takes place through an instance of far greater duration than the empirical processes it criticizes, but immanent critique is a piece of what is criticized: that which is criticized is often fleeting, intense, byte-like, but so may be the critique. Critical theory may take place less through the long book than through, for instance, theoretical interventions in political events, art events, media events, or in urban planning