Digital Strategy for Learned Societies

Digital platforms are driving a tectonic shift in public culture, creating a range of intellectual challenges for research, scholarship and higher education. Learned societies have a uniquely important role to play in responding to these problems. But it can be difficult to do this when social media, open access and academic precarity make their organisational communication and membership engagement more difficult than ever.

I have consulted for the Community Development Foundation, British Sociological Association and Independent Social Research Foundation on digital issues. As a Trustee at the Social Research Association I have led on a number of important organisational projects. I played a crucial role in the development of The Sociological Review Foundation and managed their digital engagement for their first five years. I’m profoundly interested in further work with learned societies on a consultancy basis to help them manage the institutional challenges of digital transformation.

If you represent such an organisation and would be interested in working with me, or know someone who does, please do get in touch. I have many references available and can provide a full CV on request.