Social Media for Academics: The Changing Landscape of Scholarship

Social media has become an inescapable part of academic life. It has the power to transform scholarly communication and offers new opportunities to publish and publicise your work, to network in your discipline and beyond and to engage the public. However, to do so successfully requires a careful understanding of best practice, the risks, rewards and what it can mean to put your professional identity online.

It means confronting what these digital platforms mean for scholarship and how they are changing higher education. The second edition of Social Media for Academics is released on October 25th and provides a practical guide to the emerging landscape of digital scholarship.

In this launch event a series of leading thinkers on social media, knowledge production and the university talk about the current state of social media within higher education and where it might go in future. Join Jana Bacevic, Mark Carrigan, Susan Robertson, Thomas Roulet and Tyler Shores to discuss these issues and more.

Book online here:

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