The Journal of Digital Social Research has launched!

The Journal of Digital Social Research publishes high-quality articles
within all areas of digital social research, including sociology,
informatics, pedagogy, education science, gender studies, law, economy,
social work and geography. We welcome and encourage cross-disciplinary
submissions. JDSR is a true open access journal.

JDSR is supported by a strong international editorial board of leading
researchers in the field and is run by genuinely nice people –>

Find out about our scope, editorial policy, and the principles
underpinning this journal –>

Looking to publish some great digital social research? Excited about
open access publishing? Publish with us! Find out how –>

Our inaugural issue is out now:

JDSR #1: Conceptualising Digital Social research

Simon Lindgren: “Hacking Digital Social Science for the Age of Datafication”

Christian Fuchs: “What is Critical Digital Social Research? Five
Reflections on the Study of Digital Society”

Rebekah Tromble: “In Search of Meaning: Why We Still Don’t Know What
Digital Data Represent”

Tim Jordan: “Doing Digital Social (And Cultural and Media) Research:
What Stays the Same When Everything Changes?”

Crystal Abidin: “Tacit Labours of Digital Social Research as an Early
Career Researcher”

Nick Couldry: “What’s at Stake in Digital Social Research?”

Jenny Ungbha Korn: “#IfTheyGunnedMeDown: How Ethics, Gender, and Race
Intersect When Researching Race and Racism on Tumblr”

Sarah Pink: “Digital Social Futures Research”

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