Recension Day

Unburn the boat, rebuild the bridge,
Reconsecrate the sacrilege,
Unspill the milk, decry the tears,
Turn back the clock, relive the years
Replace the smoke inside the fire,
Unite fulfilment with desire,
Undo the done, gainsay the said,
Revitalise the buried dead,
Revoke the penalty and the clause,
Reconstitute unwritten laws,
Repair the heart, untie the tongue,
Change faithless old to hopeful young,
Inure the body to disease
And help me to forget you please.

by Duncan Forbes

One response to “Recension Day”

  1. It’s sometimes difficult to accurately discern the grammar of this type of verse, a challenge which I have struggled with for decades with my own of this type. I quit using commas at the end of lines some many years ago, but will use semicolons in their place, or a colon, sometimes a dash, other times an ellipses. If this were my verse, I’d drop the commas and add any number of the alternatives for clarity. It’s a nice piece, nonetheless. Thanks!

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