CfP: PostDigital Humans

I thought this CfP looked really interesting. Thanks Filvos for sharing.

CALL FOR BOOK CHAPTERS: Postdigital Humans

Maggi Savin-Baden (Editor)

The development and use of Postdigital Humans is occurring rapidly, but often in unexpected ways and spaces. This, second book in the Postdigital Science and Education book series, will present research-based chapters which explore approaches to developing and using Postdigital Humans and the impact they are having on a Postdigital World.

Keywords: Postdigital Humans, Ethics, Employment, Philosophy, Religion

This book will present current research and practices at a time when education is changing rapidly with digital, technological advances. In particular, it will outline the major challenges faced by today’s employers, developers, teachers, researchers, priests and philosophers such as the possibility for using Postdigital Humans for teaching, training and practice. Example relevant themes are:

  • Conceptions of Postdigital Humans
  • Postdigital Humans and Ethics
  • Postdigital Humans and Employment
  • Philosophy and Postdigital Humans
  • Religion and Postdigital Humans

Important Dates

1 December 2019 – Deadline for extended abstracts (500-800 words)

15 January 2020 – Deadline for reviewer feedback

1 September 2020 – Deadline for full chapters

1 November 2020 – Deadline for reviewer feedback

1 January 2021 – Deadline for final chapters

The book will be published in 2021.

Please submit your papers to Maggi Savin-Baden, University of Worcester

This is the second title in the new and exciting Postdigital Science and Education Book Series. The series complements the Postdigital Science and Education journal and together they provide a complete, whole-rounded publishing ecosystem to researchers working in the field. The book series covers a wide range of topics within postdigital science and education, including learning and data analytics, digital humanities, (digital) learning, teaching and assessment, educational technology and philosophy of education. Forthcoming titles:

If you would like to pitch a book proposal, please get in touch.


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