Making sense of visual digital data

Kicking myself I can’t make this upcoming SRA event:

‘Visual digital media: Everyday content, everyday challenges’

Tim Highfield, Assistant Professor, New Media, University of Amsterdam

The wealth of visual digital and social media, from Instagram and Snapchat to animated GIFs and emoji, has enabled new and evolving ways of using the visual and the digital within everyday life, whether for personal expression, political engagement, or community promotion. This talk will set the scene of current studies into visual digital and social media, examining how research is exploring these contexts in new and innovative ways. It will then highlight the key issues, opportunities, and challenges such visual content provokes: questions of ethics and accessibility, of responsibility and accuracy, and of interpretation and meaning.

‘New ways of seeing? Analysing changing contexts and practices in digital visual media’

Helen Lomax, Director of Research, University of Huddersfield

This presentation will consider the analytic challenges of working with digital visual data. It will draw on diverse sources including ‘found’ images (personal photographs on social media platforms and images in online news media) as well as examples of participant generated digital content made as part of collaborative arts based research. In considering both ‘found’ and ‘made’ images in this way, my aim is to shift analytic attention from a narrow focus on the image to include the wider cultural contexts in which images are created, circulated and consumed.  My intention is to map out an analytic approach which considers the ‘new’ digital landscape and its affordances for how people, including research participants, communicate with images and how we, as social researchers, understand this. 

·         ‘Digital tools for visual analysis ‘

Dr. Christina Silver, Director, Qualitative Data Analysis Services 

This session presents an overview of digital tools for the management and analysis of visual material. Focusing on applications designed for these purposes, the session considers data management tools, analytic tools and representational tools. Using a range of examples the session  illustrates affordances and limitations of digital tools for visual analysis and discusstheir potential role in producing systematic and robust interpretations.

Come and join us on the afternoon of 3 July for an in-depth exploration of this vast – and largely untapped – potential resource  for researchers.

Time:  2 – 5 pm

Venue:  Local Government Association,        central London

Price:  £65, discounted rate of £45 for SRA members – please use Promo Code‘SummerEvent19Member’


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