Thinking on the Move: The Possibilities and Problems of Walking Sociologically

I’m so excited for this event I’m doing with Emma Jackson and Les Back, kindly funded by The Sociological Review and Goldsmith’s CURC. Full information and registration available here.

The Sociological Review is delighted to bring you a 2-day walking conference organised by Emma Jackson, Mark Carrigan and Les Back. The event has been funded by The Sociological Review Foundation and supported by Centre for Urban and Community Research, Goldsmiths, London 

What are the risks and the opportunities of thinking on our feet? This two-day conference explores what it means to walk sociologically. The event will provide an opportunity to examine the potentials of using walking within sociology including; walking as method, walking as theorizing, walking as a way of knowing the city, walking as activism. Rather than talking about this in a conference room we will do this on the move exploring the practice of walking and its significance for the production and communication of sociological knowledge. The event draws on the success of the sociological walks and movement session at the Undisciplining conference by interrogating and providing space for critical reflection on sociological walking practices. All walks will take place in the environs of Southeast London near the conference base of Goldsmiths. 
The two days will consist of a series of guided sociological walks exploring topics including: the histories of anti-racist struggle and sound system cultures, an exploration of the relationship between material infrastructures and the urban form, inclusive walking practices and destabilising the figure of the able-bodied male walker, as well as a number of short talks and time for discussions. Delegates will also be given the opportunity to produce digital mapping of the different walks.

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