Ontological veiling   

I’m very taken with Andrew Pickering’s concept of veiling. If I understand him correctly, it refers to how knowledge production can circumscribe reality by taking us on a detour from certain aspects of it. Those features which resist representation in our approach risk dropping off stage, unseen and unheard. He uses it to refer to how modern science veils the performative dimension of our being but I think it can also be used to make sense of how platformised knowledge production, reliant on what registers as a behavioural trace within a digital platform, leaves large swathes of social reality opaque. 

2 responses to “Ontological veiling   ”

  1. Discussions on this topic and related ones always reminds me of the visual metaphor of selectively joining the dots in the night sky to imagine meaningful shapes of constellations. How different cultures have joined the dots in the very same constellation very differently.

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