But you can recognise me because I’m you

But you can recognize me because I’m you, mate
It’s never too late to see deeper than the surface.
Trust me, there’s so much more to it.
There’s a world beyond this one
That creeps in when your wits have gone soft
And all your edges start shifting
I mean it
A world that it breathing
Heaving its shoulders and weeping
Bleeding through open wounds
That’s why I’m grieving.
Down on my knees and I am feeling everything that I’m feeling.
So come here
Give me your hand
Because I know how to hold it.
I will write every single one of you a poem
And then I’ll set them all on fire
Because I am stunned by how the light in your eyes resembles
Brightening skies.
Mate, I would fight for your life like it was mine


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