A few questions about Marvel’s Secret Wars

If you’re here for the social theory or social media, please ignore this massively nerdy post. I’ve now read Marvel’s Secret Wars twice and there’s a few things I’m mystified by. Have I missed a big chunk of the storytelling? Or were these Chekhov’s rifles gone wrong: elements introduced into a vastly complex plot which Hickman didn’t have the time, space or energy to do anything about later?

  • How did Stephen Strange become the leader of the Black Priests?
  • What was the plan which adult Franklin and Valeria embarked upon in the closing stages of Hickman’s pre-SW Fantastic Four run?
  • What role did adult Franklin and Immortus/Kang play? They were seen in Captain America’s trip through time and then never came back
  • Who were soldiers the original Black Swan turned up with in New Avengers #1?
  • Where did the original Black Swan come from and what were his motivations? It was hinted early not there was a secret to be revealed and it never was.
  • What did Tony Stark actually do to make the world hate in him in the missing six months?

In the early stages this was the most gripping Marvel storyline I remember in 25+ years of reading them. But it added up to less than the sum of its part and I’m still slightly irritated by all the dangling plots points.

One response to “A few questions about Marvel’s Secret Wars”

  1. I remember the secret wars and I remember my friend collecting all of them. I didn’t really read much past the first couple because they were too confusing. Lol.

    My friend committed suicide about three years ago by jumping a the cliff in Hawaii. Maybe he knew something.

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