One thought on “Reclaiming the social from the platforms that are eviscerating it”

  1. That is interesting in how their proposal implicitly retains the ideal of freedom. Where there is a supposed as essential “exception” that is being impinged upon.

    I think what the internet is exposing (what Latour and others are involved with. I think). Is that indeed that exception will collapse into the controlling structures which are themselves supporting the very ideal of exception, such that control will arise in the very activity of continual assertion of essential exception;

    thus we need to focus out attention on what is occurring there as opposed to constantly refocusing, pulling back into the exception which is, at root, merely deconstruction for the sake of ideal freedom. That this perpetual pulling back merely places control in the hands of “others”. That we should “take control” of our own situation by understanding how the control indeed controls. But not to thereby aliviate the control or to “free ourselves” from it, but to “own it” as an inevitable act of the construction of our freedom.

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