Hybrid formats for communicating theory

For the next edition of Social Media for Academics, I’ve been thinking a lot about hybrid formats for presenting theoretical ideas through social media. A really powerful example of this is the video essay Camera Ludica by marco de mutiis which explores photography in video games through a three-part essay combining in game footage, plain text slides and screencasts of browsing scholarly material. Different sources are overlaid against a black canvas, providing a gripping collage of a debate playing itself out in real time. As well as finding the subject itself interesting, I thought this was a fascinating example of a powerful format which sufficiently creative academics could use with relatively little technical skill.

It reminds me of a project Margaret Archer tried to setup a few years ago looking at visualising social theory, using the affordances of digital media to develop ways of expressing theoretical ideas without depending on linear text or the idiosyncratic diagrams of theorists. If theoretical ideas are to survive in the attention economy then we need to become creative in how they are expressed. But there are immense opportunities here to find non-linear ways of exploring theoretical questions which might prove to be engaging to a much broader audience then is typically the case with theoretical publications.

3 thoughts on “Hybrid formats for communicating theory”

  1. That is interesting. Did you know the name that I make music under is called the covert sound philosophy? 😆 in the past it was called the commercial sound product. But I think the next album is going to be called the Carnivorous Stegosaurus Pact. 🦖

  2. But honestly, my music I have always said is just like the opposite side of the same coin and his philosophical in that regard, communicating something particularly philosophical. But it’s actually kind of resides in a sphere that is perhaps outside of theory but yet represents the theory, at least often enough. Some of the songs are just …cool

  3. That is a great little clip. I’m kind of liking this thing you’re talking about and people are doing. I think I’m going to have to do some of this. 🐙

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