CfP: Twitter: Global Perspectives, Uses and Criticisms

Contributors are invited to submit abstracts (about 200 words) toward our
new edited collection *Twitter: Global Perspectives, Uses and Criticisms*
to be published by Nova Science (New York). We are interested in new
research and perspectives on, as well as criticisms of *Twitter

Topics being covered (though not limited to these) include:

·         *Perspectives and concepts in Twitter communication*

·         *Methods & techniques in Twitter studies/research*

·         *Practices and uses of Twitter (e.g. business, journalism,
education *

*        etc.)*

·         *Activism, campaigning and political discourse on Twitter*

·         *Criticisms and the future of Twitter*

*Kindly note the following important dates*

*Abstract Submission deadline: May 31st  2018*

*Chapter Submission deadline: August 30th 2018*

The contributions for this edited book are intended to range from
4,000-10,000 words (chapters over 10,000 words can be updated by the author
for the e-version of their chapter).

Publication will be about *3-9 months* after the close of the volume.

Please, send your chapter proposals/chapters to: and/or

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