The forward-facing ideology of technology: erasing history and context 

From The Monsters of Educational Technology, by Audrey Watters, loc 611:

I think that’s something for you to keep in mind as you work your way through this course. It’s something to think about when we start to imagine and to build “education at scale.”

What happens to context? What happens to local, regional education –its history, its content (the curriculum if you will), its cultural relevance and significance, and finally its politics, its practices? How does technology shape this? How might technology erase or ignore context? What ideologies does education technology carry with it? Do these extend, reinforce, or subvert existing ideologies embedded in education? 

Because of the forward-facing ideology of technology –that is, its association with progress, transformation, “the future” –I think we do tend to forget its history. We tend to ignore its ideology. I think that dovetails quite powerfully too with parts of American ideology and identity: an emphasis on and excitement for “the new”; a belief that this country marked a formal break from other countries, from other histories. A belief in science and business and “progress.”

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