Next week in Oxford: Digital Sociology v STS

Wednesday 7th December 2016, 13:00
The Oxford Internet Institute 1st Giles Oxford, OX1 3JS

The concept of Digital Sociology has been in circulation for around five years now. But if the British Sociological Association’s annual conference is anything to go by, ‘the digital’ is still on the periphery of British Sociology. Perhaps problematically, Digital Sociology shares a stream with STS at the conference. We are taking this marriage of convenience as an opportunity for anyone interested in the future of Digital Sociology and STS to get together and discuss the following questions:

Why do we need Digital Sociology when we have STS?

What are their affinities and disaffinties?

Are digital methods and digital ontologies transformative for STS?

What distinguishes Digital Sociology from all the other disciplines that claim to study the relationship between society and social media, the Internet, the Web and digital data?

What use is the concept of Digital Sociology?

How can we join forces across institutions to progress the project of Digital Sociology?

To help us address these questions and similar questions that may arise on the day we are very pleased to have presentations from:

Professor Susan Halford, Director of Southampton University’s Web Science Institute; Professor Will Housley, Vincent Wright Chair, Sciences Po & University of Cardiff; Dr Mark Carrigan, Research Fellow in the Centre for Social Ontology at the University of Warwick and Digital Fellow at The Sociological Review; Dr Karen Gregory and Dr Kate Orton-Johnson Lecturers in Digital Sociology at the University of Edinburgh; Kate-and Dr Des Fitzgerald Lecturer in Sociology from the University of Cardiff (with more speakers to be confirmed).

Each speaker will talk for around 10-15 minutes before we open-up the discussion to the floor. If you have any thoughts on those questions above or would like to get involved in the study groups please come along. It’s our intention to solicit your input for a plan of action. The meeting will be followed by a free drinks reception.

Spaces are very limited please reserve your place as soon as possible.

Booking your place

Booking is essential. Venue numbers are restricted and it is advisable to book early.

Registration Fees: BSA member £10 / Non-BSA member £15

Register Online at

For administration enquiries, please contact

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