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Things I’d like to include in a potential second edition of Social Media for Academics

It’s possible I’m getting ahead of myself here, but if there were a second edition of Social Media for Academics at some point in the future, these are some topics I’d like to include:

  1. Reddit and how to use it academically
  2. Snapchat and how to use it academically
  3. Instagram and how to use it academically
  4. Image creation tools like Pablo and Word Swag
  5. More info about copyright & finding images you can use
  6. More info about podcasts/micro-podcasts and how to promote them
  7. A guide to recording lectures & seminars etc (including ethics & etiquette)
  8. Mailing lists and how they might continue to be used
  9. Cloud based task management software & how to use it academically
  10. A clearer framework for analysing your workflow & deciding which tools are right you
  11. Much more info about collaboration software like Slack and Basecamp, as well as case studies about how they can be used on academic projects
  12. Academic uses of Tumblr
  13. Using Stack Exchange and Quora (and other forms of crowdsourcing)
  14. Using web forums for academic purposes
  15. Academic Video Blogging
  16. The politics and practicalities of content ownership: owning your own domain etc.

Does anyone have suggestions of other topics I should cover? I’m going to come back to this list and edit it as more occur to me.

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  1. What a great list. And a great project. I am interested in how to record and post anything from reading a paper to giving a seminar to presenting a concept at an academic/research-informed level on cloud-based platforms, eg., teaching ‘products’ for those outside the formal academy that can be made accessible when and to whom I chose. I think this would fall under 6. and 7. but in case it doesn’t, this is what I would be interested in doing. I don’t have a smart phone but do have a macbook air with a camera.

    One area I am having huge trouble with, it is taking years in fact, is getting a domain name, multi-page website, email address and interactive software that are affordable on a monthly basis. Hence, even if I recorded a presentation today, I would have no where to post it!

    Am really enjoying your work and your site.

  2. Thanks Martha, glad they’re useful. Just to check: do you mean how to record podcasts and videocasts?

  3. Yes, it feels quite elementary and I have had others video lectures for podcasts within the academy, but the technicalities of making my own video recordings and posting them somewhere — I guess I could start with vimeo? — is not yet clear to me outside the academy.

  4. start playing around with a smart phone or tablet and go from there 🙂 the posting is the easiest bit!

  5. I love Stack Exchange for LaTeX issues, but I’ve not ventured into other networks. I continue to hide from Reddit, though I’m not sure why.

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